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Sample Letter of Invitation to Join an Association or a Club

An association or a club is a group of people, who have come together to serve a common purpose. Generally, associations and clubs work as non-profit organizations for the well-being of a community or for a particular issue concerning the society.

sample letter of invitation to join an association
In order to join an association or a club, one may directly approach it, submit its application and complete other formalities. The association/ club may approve it or may also deny someone's application to join if it finds the applicant to be ineligible because of certain reasons.

The association/ club may also invite a certain person based on his background to join if it thinks his membership will be in the interest of the association/ club.

Here is a format of letter of invitation to join as an association or a club. Please modify it appropriately.


Ref: _________
Date: ________

(Name of the Person)
(Full Address)
Tel.: ________

Dear Mr. / Ms. _________,

Greetings of the day!

My name is ______________. I am the President of M/s. ____________ Association/ Club. Our association/ club was established in (Year). It is a non-profit membership organisation. The association/ club is dedicated to helping _________ to do their work more effectively and thereby, enhancing the standards of the profession. We are a vibrant community of (Number) members at present. We are dedicated to improving the quality of _________ in the regions of _________. Every month, our members get together and discuss their views and opinions to improve our services to the community.

Our membership committee was very impressed to learn about your background and qualifications in the field of ___________, which has prompted us to invite you to the meeting on (Date) at (Venue) on (Topic). We are looking forward to your attendance and participation in the meeting.

I have taken the liberty of enclosing a brochure on our association/ club and the chart on the periodical meetings schedule. You may attend any of the meetings according to your suitability.

I would also like to take this opportunity to invite you to join our association/ club. I am certain our members will be pleased to have you on board. I am hopeful that you will be pleased with the benefits our association/ club offers.

Please feel free to contact me at (Phone Number) and (Email Id), if you have any questions.

Thank you for your time!

(Your Name)
(Your Designation)
(Name of the Association/ Club)


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