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How Do I Write A Letter To Excuse Me From Jury Duty (Sample)

Jury duty is not only a big responsibility on a citizen but also it is considered as an honor by many. It is a service that a citizen renders towards the society.
sample letter to be excused from jury duty due to financial hardship

Now, when someone is summoned for jury duty, he may or may not say yes to it. The denial may largely depend upon his inability because of some urgency, which requires his attention and presence somewhere else during the same period of time.

You can be excused from jury duty for (i) medical reasons; (ii) student status; (iii) dependent care; (iv) undue hardship; (v) public necessity; (vi) military conflict; and (vii) any other reason deemed sufficient by the court.

Here is a format of letter from a person seeking to be excused from jury duty.


Date: .................

(Name of the Court)

Dear Sirs,

I am in receipt of your letter dated ............... ref: ................, in which I have been asked to serve on a jury panel from (Date). While I am honored by this privilege, I respectfully have to request you that I be excused from jury duty. I would be very glad to carry out my jury duty obligations anytime next year, if possible.

This is my first year working at my new employer M/s. ................... at (location). This is a small organization and my absence will greatly affect the completion of assigned tasks. There is no other employee in the organization with my kind of expertise on the matter, who can fill in for me during my absence.

Furthermore, as per the wages policy, I will not be eligible for pay during the leave for jury duty. I am already going through financial hardship and the leave for jury duty without wages will further increase the financial burden on me.

If so required, I can forward a statement from my employer in this regard. Please let me know.

I trust that you would understand and appreciate my situation and excuse me from jury duty.

You may contact me at ..................... if there are any concerns.

(Your name)