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Thank You for Your Warm Hospitality Letter Email Template

Thanking doesn't cost you a penny. Every act of gratitude mustn't go unexpressed. Somebody hosts you graciously for a dinner or allows you to stay at his house for free with food or does something with kindness, you ought to at least thank that person for his warm hospitality and kind gesture.
thank you for your warm hospitality letter

Such thank you notes can be short and simple or it can also be a lengthy one. A short thanks message is generally when the hospitality was for only a few hours and a long message it was for several days.

There is no hard and fast rule of a thanking note. Write whatever you want to write wholeheartedly but don't make any complicated statements. Keep it simple.

SAMPLE #1 (Letter)

Date: ..........

(Name of the Person)
(Phone No.)

Dear ..........,

Thank you for your warm hospitality during our visit to your house last week!

I and (Name) were simply delighted by your kind gesture. It was indeed a pleasure to get to know you and (Name) better.

We had good fun and great chatting. We thoroughly enjoyed the delicious food and deserts. Your wife is naturally gifted in the culinary arts.

We hope and look forward to hosting you both at our home someday. Though we are not sure if we could be as good as you.

Have a nice day/ evening!

Best regards,
(Your name)

SAMPLE #2 (Email)

Dear ............,

Thank you for inviting me to dinner yesterday! I am so glad I attended it. I truly enjoyed the food. Everything was so delicious, especially the ................ I must say your wife is a pro chef. 

I really enjoyed the company of your family. I felt like being at home. You all have such a kind and caring nature. 

Thanks again for your gracious hospitality! It was a lot of fun.

See you soon.

Best regards,
(Your name)