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Best Employee of the Year Award Announcement Email Sample

Timely employee recognition is a very important factor in an organisation's growth and success. 
best employee of the year award letter

An award is given to an employee either yearly or monthly to recognize his efforts and outstanding performance for a certain period of time or on a certain vital project which not only resulted in achievement of organisational goals but also exceeded the normal expectation level of him.

Such awards can be given at an event organised by the organisation or privately in the presence of few important people from the organisation.

Here are a couple of examples of announcement mail to employees declaring the best employee of the year.


To: All Employees,


It gives me immense pleasure to announce that Mr. (Full Name of the Employee) has been chosen as this year’s recipient of the Best Employee of the Year Award.

(First Name of the Employee) works in the ............ department of our company. In the year 20xx, he overachieved his sales target by ...%.

In recognition of his outstanding performance, dedication and professionalism at work, he was nominated for this year's best employee award.

We are so proud to have him as a part of our team. We hope that he keeps up the good work in the years to come.

Congratulations to him!

Let us take this as an inspiration for us all and work towards the common goal of the organisation. Let's grow together and achieve new heights of success.

(Name of the CEO)


Dear All,

I am pleased to announce that Mr. .........................., (Designation) has been chosen the Best Employee of the Year 20xx. The award will be given in the ensuing annual event of the company.

Heartiest congratulations to him! Thanks for being a valuable member of our team!

Mr. .................. has been working in our company since (year) with sincerity and dedication. In the year 20xx, his performance was exceptional. He was able to get (number) major projects worth of (value) for the company, beyond all expectations.

Loyal and hardworking employees like him are the foundation to any successful company. On behalf of all the employees of our company, I thank him for his contribution to our success!

And, all the very best to all the employees to keep performing better at work and attain greater new heights of success.

(Name of the CEO)