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Congratulations Note Sample on the Publication of Your Article

Getting your article published in any reputed publication, whether in printed or digital medium, is a moment of pride and joy for the writer(s). If you know the writer, you should congratulate him on this success.
congratulations on the publication of your article

Although a congratulation message is not to be sent every time his article gets published. On selected occasions, such a message is sent, viz.
i) publication of his article for the very first time in any publication;
ii) publication of his article in a very reputable widely circulated publication;
iii) publication of his article on the first page of the publication.

Here are examples of such congratulations notes on publishing articles.

(Article Published in Newspaper)

Date: .................

(Name of the Person)
(Phone No.)

Dear ............,

Congratulations on getting your article published in the (Name of the Newspaper).

I was going through the newspaper this morning and I was glad to have stumbled upon your article.

I appreciate your views on the topic of ................................ I indeed agree that ..............................

I am sure many people will get to learn about this from this very useful article.

I must say it is an honour to know such a learned person whose work is getting recognised by these reputable news organisations.

Have a good day/ evening!

Yours truly,

(Name of the Person)

(Article Published in Newspaper)

Hello ...........,

Congratulations on the publication of your article in (name of the website)!

I had thoroughly enjoyed reading it and I am sure many of the readers will too. I look forward to reading some more in the future.

You did an excellent job in explaining a difficult topic which has been in discussion for quite a while now.

I was glad to have shared the link to your article with few of my contacts who would appreciate the information in it.

I am happy for you. My best wishes for your future endeavors.

Warm regards,
(Name of the Person)