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Congratulations Message on Your New Office Opening Sample

Congratulations message is expressed on special occasions. Whether buying a new office to start a business or relocating from an existing office to a new one, it is certainly a special occasion. Hence, congratulations wishes can be conveyed on such occasions.
congratulations letter for new office opening

If any of your friends or professional acquaintances has moved to a new office, then there is a probable chance that you will be invited to the inauguration ceremony. On the opening day, you can convey the congratulations for sure. If you missed out on visiting the office, then you can write to the friend conveying your good wishes.

Here are examples of congratulations emails and letters for new office inauguration.

(congratulations on your new office opening)

Date: ...................

(Name of the Person)
(Phone No.)

Dear .................,

Congratulations on the inauguration of your new office at (location)!

It was a pleasure to take a tour around the premises on inauguration day.

I am certain it will bring you a lot of success, especially with the kind of determination and dedication you have towards the work.

Keep going and may your business prosper even more in the years to come. I wish you the very best.


Yours truly,

(Name of the Person)
(Name of the Organisation)

(congratulations message for moving to new office)

Dear .............,

I am happy to learn that you have moved to a new office at (location). Heartiest congratulations to you!

May the new office be the source of good vibes, prosperity and may you reach new heights of success you so well deserved!

I look forward to taking a tour of the office someday soon and, of course, having a good talk with you.

Sending lots of love and good wishes.

Kind Regards,
(Name of the Person)