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Landlord's Consent Letter to Assignment of Lease by Tenant

The "assignment of lease" means the transfer of rights under a lease agreement from the original tenant to a new sub-tenant.

consent of landlord to assignment of lease by tenant
In simple words, if a tenant wants to leave the leased premises and wants to give it to someone else for using the said property for the period remaining under the contract, then he can do so only by assigning it to that person.

Such an assignment is mostly done only after getting a written consent from the landlord.

The lease contract generally has specific conditions regarding such an assignment of lease, wherein either it is fully prohibited or allowed only after getting landlord's consent.

Here is a sample of letter of consent written by the landlord to his tenant allowing the proposal for assignment to a new tenant.


(Name of the Tenant)
(Full Address)
Mob. _________

Sub.: Consent to assignment of lease

Dear _________,

I am in receipt of your email/ letter dated ________. I understand you would like to assign the lease under the lease agreement dated ________ between you and myself. I understand this is because you are moving out of the premises under the said lease agreement and your friend Ms. / Mr. __________ is interested to occupy the same for the rest of the lease duration.

I hereby consent to the assignment to (Name of the Proposed Tenant) of the lease of the premises under the said lease agreement with effect from (Date) for the residue of the tenure as agreed under the lease.

Kindly note that the consent hereby given is on the understanding that:
1) All other terms and conditions of the lease agreement will remain in effect until expiry or termination,
2) The prohibition against further assignments and subleases without the landlord’s express written consent will also remain in force, and
3) Notwithstanding the assignment(s) herein mentioned or to be consented in future, you will remain bound by the terms and conditions of the original lease agreement and any modification(s) thereto.

Please inform the new tenant to provide me with self-attested copies of his/her proof of identity and address at the earliest.


(Name of the Landlord)
Contact: _________

Date: _______
Place: _______