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Draft Request Letter to Bank Offering Space for ATM Installation

If you happen to know that a certain bank is looking for space/ premises for installing their ATM, and in case, you are interested to offer them your premises for ATM installation, you may contact the bank with a detailed proposal offering your premises for the installation of the bank's ATM.

request letter to bank for atm machine installation
Even if the bank has not made any declaration seeking proposals for ATM machine installation, you can still write a letter with an offer to the bank for ATM machine installation. The bank may save it for future reference and use.

In your proposal letter, you should try to cover all the important details concerning the offer, viz. details of the premises, lease terms, repairs and maintenance, etc.

Here is a sample of a proposal letter to the bank offering premises for installation of ATM machines.


Date: _________

The Branch Manager
__________ Bank
__________ Branch
(Branch Address)

Sub.: Proposal offering premises for ATM

Dear Sir/Madam,

I would like to offer my premises on lease for installation of the ATM machine of your esteemed bank. The details about the premises are given hereunder.

i) Address of the premises: __________________
ii) Distance from the main road: ____ k.m.
iii) Directly accessible from the main road: Yes/No
iv) Floor Area: ______ sq. ft.
v) Carpet Area: ______ sq. ft.
vi) Year of construction: _____
vii) Any repair/renovation required: Yes/No
viii) Cost of such repair/renovation: ______
ix) Proposed lease rental charges: _______ per month
x) Interest-free security deposit: (Amount)

Other terms and conditions:
a) Electricity bill to be paid by the bank at actuals,
b) Municipal/Corporation taxes to be paid by me,
c) Lease deed registration charges to be paid equally by the parties,
d) Yearly maintenance and any repairs will be carried out by me,
e) Rent is to be paid in advance by 5th day of every month, and
f) Notice period for termination of the lease deed is 2 months.

In case you are interested in the premises, then you may contact me at my phone number _______ or email id ______________. I am the rightful owner of the said premises. You may come for a visit to inspect the premises any day between 10a.m. to 6p.m.

I am a very cooperative and considerate person. I look forward to a long-term business relationship with your bank.

Have a nice day!


(Name of the Person)