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Sample Letter to Supplier for Refund on Goods Returned Back

A supplier may not provide the goods as per the specification given under a purchase order or an agreement. This may happen due to an inadvertent mistake from his side.

refund letter sample to supplier
Hence, it is your duty to check the goods thoroughly after receipt as you might have a limited time to return it after receipt. The supplier may not consider the return of goods after several days from the supply.

If after the return of the goods, the supplier was supposed to refund you the payment amount either in full or partially, then you can wait for a few days to get the refund. If the refund is still not received, then you can write to the supplier.

Here is an example of such a letter to the supplier asking for refund on the returned goods.


Ref: ...............
Date: ..............

(Name of the Person)
(Supplier Organisation Name)
(Phone Number)

Sub.: Refund not received on returned goods

Dear Mr. / Ms. ...............,

Greetings of the day! I hope you are doing well.

I would like to bring to your attention a matter of refund, which is being unduly delayed.

We had purchased (Name of the Goods) from your firm under invoice no. .............. dated ............... in the amount of .................... A copy of the invoice is enclosed herewith for your ready reference.

There were some issues with the goods as explained to you by our letter dated ............ Hence, they were returned to you on (Date). A copy of the letter is also enclosed herewith for your ready reference.

We were assured that we would get a full refund on this. It has been over .... days/ months now, but we are still awaiting for any payment from you in this regard.

Therefore, you are kindly requested to process the refund at the earliest.

Thanking you,
Yours faithfully,
For (Name of the Organisation),

(Name of the Officer)

Encl.: As above