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Thank You for Bonus Letter/Email to Boss/Employer Sample

Giving bonus and incentive to the employees, who are putting in their sincere efforts at work, could motivate them greatly to continue to work hard and achieve the goals of the organisation.
thank you for bonus letter to employer

The most important thing about bonus or incentives is - it should be given periodically, not just once a year. In recognition of the performance and dedication of an employee, the bonus should be given either at the end of the month or immediately after the successful completion of the project in which the employee performed outstandingly.

Once the bonus is received, the employee may thank his boss through a letter or an email or personally through words of mouth as well.

Here are examples of such thank you messages to the employer from an employee.


Date: ________

(Name of the Boss)

Dear Madam,

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to you for providing me with a bonus this month. I must say it came as a pleasant surprise to me.

I am happy, and I feel motivated that my dedicated efforts on the ________ project are being recognized.

Thank you for this delightful bonus right before the holiday season. It shall be put to good use to enjoy the festivities with my family.

I am grateful for this generosity.

With thanks,

(Name of the Employee)


Dear Sir,

Thank you for the recent bonus!

I appreciate that my efforts during the previous year/ month are being recognized.

I am determined to continue to put maximum efforts in performing my duties.

I am so grateful to you for this timely incentive.

I feel greatly motivated.

Kind regards,
(Name of the Employee)


Dear Madam,

I would like to thank you for this month's bonus. It will certainly come in handy financially.

Such surprising incentive is a great source of confidence booster.

I feel grateful that my hard work is being recognized by the company timely.

We are all lucky to have a boss and mentor like yourself.

Kind regards,
(Name of the Employee)

Thank You for Bonus Email to Employer Sample