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Experience Certificate format for Government Job Employee

A Central or State government employee can request the concerned authority in his department for issue of an experience certificate after leaving the job. The certificate will be of use in his future jobs.

service certificate format for government employees
Details of his employment should be clearly mentioned in the experience certificate viz. designation, period of employment, nature of the post, duties performed, pay scale, achievements, etc.

You can follow up with the concerned authority to provide you the experience letter at the earliest if there is undue delay in providing it to you from the date of application.

Here is a sample of the experience certificate for government employees. You can modify it appropriately as per your requirement.


Experience Certificate

To Whomsoever It May Concern,

This is to certify that Shri/ Smt./ Km. ____________, son/ daughter/ wife of Shri ____________, whose date of birth is ________, had worked as an employee of _________ Department/ Ministry, Central government/ ______ State government. Some of the important particulars about his/her job is as given hereunder:

1) Name of the position held: ____________,
2) Date of joining in service: ________,
3) Date of leaving service: ________,
4) Total period of service: ___ years ___ months ___ days,
5) Nature of appointment: Permanent- Regular/ Temporary/ Part-time/ Contract/ Daily wages/ Honorary,

6) Organizational position: Supervisory level/ Middle management level/ Head of branch/ Others,
7) Nature of Experience: Specialty/ Administration/ Technical/ Academic/ __________,
8) Pay scale and last salary drawn: ____________,
9) Duties and responsibilities performed in each post: ____________,
10) Place of posting: __________.

It is also certified that the information given hereinabove is true and based on service records available in our department.

This certificate is issued on the request of Shri/ Smt./ Km. ____________ for the purpose of ____________.

Name of issuing authority: ____________.

(Designation with seal)

Date: ________
Place: ________