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Apology Letter from Doctor to Patient for Long Wait Time

Waiting for a long time at the doctor's clinic or hospital is not a new thing. It has been happening since time immemorial.

how to apologize to a customer for long wait time
As more clinics/hospitals are opening, and more doctors are now available to serve the patients, the patient wait time is comparatively less than what it was several years back.

However, with increasing involvement of new technologies and chemicals in our daily lives, the diseases are increasing as well. Hence, the number of patients is growing too.

Sometimes, the longer wait time for an appointment with the doctor could be because of the fault of other patients and sometimes, it could be because of an internal system problem of the clinic and hospital.

Some doctors and hospitals apologize for letting the patient wait for a longer time. Here is a sample of such an apology letter to a patient for a long wait time.


Date: _________

(Name of the Patient)
Mob. _________

Dear Mr. / Ms. _________,

I have received your feedback on our clinic. Thank you for taking the time for the same!

I understand that you had to wait for an unusually long period for your appointment with me on (Date). I am sincerely sorry for the unpleasant experience that you had to face. 

This type of delay does not generally happen. Because of a few patients, who took more than usual time that day, the delay was unavoidable.

We value the time of our patients and strive hard to not to let it be wasted by sheer waiting at our clinic for attending the appointments. We will continue to improve our system for serving the patients better.

I hope that you have not felt disregarded or disrespected by us for this reason. If you have, we deeply regret it. Once again, please accept my apologies for any inconvenience that it must have caused you.

We will try to make it up to you on your next visit.


(Name of the Doctor)
_________ Doctor