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NOC Letter from Society for Mortgage Loan from Bank

A bank may ask for a copy of the NOC from the society, where the applicant (who is applying for a loan) owns a flat or is in the process of purchasing it from the builder.

noc letter format from society for mortgage loan
The NOC has to be printed on the letterhead of the society and duly signed by the authorized signatory of the society. The official seal of the society may also be affixed on it.

Here is a sample of such an NOC from society for a loan from a bank.


Date: ________

The Branch Manager
_________ Bank
__________ Branch

Sub.: No objection certificate

Dear Sir/Madam,

We, M/s. (Name of the Society or Builders), hereby certify that:

1. The flat/ house no. ___ in (Name of the Wing/Building, if any) situated at/ to be constructed at (Address) of ward no. ___ bearing Survey no. ____ has been allotted to Mr./Ms. ______________, age ___ years, son/daughter of (Name of the Father) and presently residing at (Address).

2. The total cost of the afore-mentioned house/flat is Rs. _________ (Rupees __________________ only) as per the sale deed available with us.

3. The title to the said land and the building thereon is clear, marketable and free from all encumbrances and doubts.

4. We have no objection whatsoever to Mr./Ms. _______________ mortgaging the flat / house to (Name of the Bank) as security for the amount advanced by your Bank.

5. We have not borrowed from any financial institution for purchase of land or construction of the building. We have not created, and we will not create any encumbrances on the flat/house allotted to him/ her during the currency of the loan sanctioned/ to be sanctioned by your Bank to him/ her.

6. We are agreeable to accept (Name of the Bank) as a nominee for the house/ flat allotted to Mr./Ms. _______________. Once the nomination favoring your Bank has been registered and advice sent to the Bank of having done so, we note not to change the same without the written consent of the Bank.

7. We undertake to record the charge of the Bank on the said flat in our register and agree to inform the society about your Bank’s charge on the said flat as and when the society formed.

8. This NOC will be valid until the loan amount is fully paid to (Name of the Bank).

For (Name of the Builders / Society),

(Name of the Authorized Signatory)