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Employee Resignation Notice Period Extension Letter format

Employees are required to serve notice period at the time of their resignation from the position they are holding in an organisation. The notice period is generally between 1 to 3 months as mentioned and agreed under the employment contract (appointment letter).

employee notice period extension letter format
However, in some cases, when an employee serves a resignation notice, if the services of the employee is urgently needed for a few more days or months until the ongoing project is over or until his replacement is appointed, then the company may request the employee to stay for an extended period of time. If it is feasible to the employee, he may agree to it.

If the employee agrees to it, then the employer will issue a confirmation letter/ email towards the extension of notice period on the resignation.

Here is an example of extension of notice period of resignation letter.


Date: ________

(Name of the Employee)
(Address) (Phone Number)

Sub.: Extension of Resignation Notice Period

Dear ________,

This is with reference to your resignation by letter/email dated ________ and the __ months' notice period served by you as per your employment contract with the company.

As discussed with you in the meeting held on (Date) in the presence of your senior officer Mr. / Ms. (Name of the Officer) and as mutually agreed, considering the urgent need to meet the project deadlines, please be informed that your notice period has been extended for another ___ month(s)/ days.

Accordingly, you will be relieved from the services with effect from the close of working hours on (Date). All the terms and conditions of your employment will continue to apply during the period of the extended notice period.

We thank you for your dedication towards the company, your hard work and continued cooperation.

We wish you all the best in your future endeavors.


For (Name of the Organisation),

(Name of the Officer)

Employee Resignation Notice Period Extension Letter format