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Co-operative Housing Society Secretary Resignation Letter

The secretary of a housing society plays an important role in the functioning of the society. He is responsible for the conduct of many activities in the society.

co operative housing society secretary resignation letter format
The secretary of a housing society is responsible for (a) issuing notices and organizing meetings of the Board and members of the society, (b) keeping the minutes of the Board and other committees, (c) maintaining the records and books of the society, keep them in safe place, (d) conducting correspondences on behalf of the society, (e) executing deeds and other documents when necessary within his powers, etc.

The secretary can resign for any reason. The resignation letter of the secretary is generally addressed to the Chairman or President of the society. Otherwise, he can simply address it to the society in general.

Here is a sample resignation letter from the post of housing society secretary. Modify it appropriately.


(Name of the Secretary)
Mob. _________

The Chairman/ President
(Name of the Housing Society)
(Full Address)
Tel: _________

Sub.: Resignation from the Secretary position of the society

Dear Sir/ Madam,

I hereby tender my resignation from the position of Secretary of the (Name of the Housing Society) with effect from (Date).

I am resigning because of my personal reasons. There are no other reasons for this. I will complete the handover formalities in coordination with the society manager - Mr. / Ms. ___________ and with you.

I sincerely thank the members of the society for giving me the opportunity to serve the society for its well-being. I would also like to thank you and other staff members of the society for extending their support during my tenure.

I wish the society prosperity and happiness to its members.

Kindly acknowledge the receipt.

Yours faithfully,

(Name of the Secretary)

Date: ________
Place: ________