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Sample Letter to Invite Chief Guest for Farewell Ceremony

A farewell ceremony is conducted to gather at one place for one last time before parting ways, to greet each other good wishes for the future and to say goodbye heartily.

invitation letter to chief guest for farewell party
There can be different types of farewell ceremonies in an educational institution. It could be organised for the students, teachers, staff members, or head of the institution. You can write a letter of invitation to an outsider for honouring the occasion with his presence as the chief guest. Otherwise, you can invite an insider (a teacher) to be the chief guest.

Here are examples of such letters of invitations to persons seeking their consent and presence to act as the Chief Guest for farewell ceremony of teachers.

(Farewell ceremony of students)

Date: ________

(Name of the Person)
(Address) (Phone No.)

Sub.: Invitation to act as the Chief Guest.

Dear Sir/Madam,

You are cordially invited to the farewell ceremony of Class ___ students of batch (Year-Year). The farewell ceremony is scheduled to be held on (Date) at (Time) at (Venue).

I, on behalf of the junior batch students, request the honour of your esteemed presence in the farewell ceremony. It would be a great pleasure if you join us with your family.

We are excited to offer our seniors a joyful day of togetherness and a chance to say goodbye before final exams.

There will be dance performances, certificate distributions to the winners, musical concerts and cultural events conducted at the ceremony. The winning students would feel happy and honoured to receive the certificates from you. The whole programme will last for a duration of around ___ hours. There will be a formal dinner after the ceremony.

You have been a source of inspiration for us. Your ways of teaching and constant guidance have always been appreciated by the students community. Our seniors will be very pleased by your presence in the farewell ceremony.

Looking forward to receiving your positive affirmation.

Thanking you,
Yours obediently,

(Name of the Student)
On behalf of junior batch students,
(Name of the Educational Institution)

(Farewell ceremony of a teacher)

Letter No. _________                                    Date: ___________

(Name of the Person)
(Home/Office Address)
(Telephone Number)

Subj.: Seeking consent to act as the Chief Guest.


Could you please offer your valuable consent to act as the Chief Guest in the Farewell ceremony of (Name of the Teacher/ Educator), a science/ math/ _______ teacher/ lecturer/ professor of our institution scheduled to be held on (Date) at (Time) at (Venue)?

I, on behalf of the family members of the school, Alumni and teachers committee value your august presence to encourage the students, teachers and Alumni members. It will be a great honour for the retired teacher/ lecturer to have your presence on the last day of her/his official work.

Yours faithfully,

Headmaster/ Headmistress
(Name of the Educational Institution)