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Revised Job Offer Mail Accommodating Demands by Candidate

Once the selection process for a job post is over after interviewing all prospective candidates and other tests, the employer sends offer letters to a few selected candidates only according to the number of vacant positions.

mail for revised offer letter
A candidate who has received such an offer can either accept it, reject it or request for certain revisions in the terms of the employment viz. salary, leaves, perquisites, designation, bonus, incentives, etc.

After receiving a response from the candidate for revision in the offer letter, the employer will have to decide whether to accept such demands or deny it. Accordingly, they should communicate it to the candidate.

(Mail from the employer revising job offer letter accommodating the requests made by the candidate on the offer letter.)

Ref: ________
Date: ________

(Name of the Candidate)
(Address) Mob. ______

Sub.: Revision in the terms of offer letter for the position of _________.

Dear (Name),

With reference to the offer letter forwarded to you on (Date) for the position of __________, we thank you for your response on the same. We understand your concerns. We appreciate your candidness in speaking with our recruitment team regarding your expectations from the job and remuneration terms.

We have carefully evaluated your profile and we are pleased to inform you that we are able to accommodate your requests for the revision in the offer letter. Hereunder is the crux of the revisions made:
1. Increase in basic salary from (Amount) to (Amount) per month,
2. Increase in variable incentive from __% to __% of basic salary per month,
3. Change in designation from (Title) to (Title),
4. Change in monthly allowances from (Amount) to (Amount),
5. Joining one-time bonus raised to (Amount).

The revised offer letter is enclosed herewith. We look forward to receiving your final confirmation and acceptance of the revised offer for the position of __________. We will hold this offer for you for next __ days. Hence, you shall provide your final response by (Date).

If you have any queries, you may speak with (Name of the Employee), (Designation) at (Phone Number) or email at _____________.

Thank you for your interest in an employment opportunity in our organisation.

Yours truly,

For (Name of the Organisation),

(Name of the Officer)

Encl.: As above