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Rescinding Job Offer Letter/Email due to Background Check

Many companies conduct background checks on their employees or prospective candidates before or after hiring them. Based on the results of the background checks, the companies either confirm the employment of the candidate, terminate it or cancel the job offer to the candidate.

sample rescind job offer letter due to background check
Background checks of the candidates generally include verification of the identity, academic qualifications, work history, criminal records, medical history, credit reports, reference checks, home address, driving records, etc.

If a company has made a job offer to a candidate before conducting a background check on him, then it can rescind such a job offer. The company has to inform the candidate in writing that the job offer stands withdrawn.

Hereunder are examples of such rescind job offer letters from employers to candidates after background checks.

TEMPLATE #1 (Letter)

Ref: ________
Date: ________

(Name of the Candidate)
Mob. ________
Email: _____________

Reg.: Rescinding job offer for the position of __________

Mr. / Ms. ___________,

This is with reference to the job offer given to you by our letter/email dated ________ for the position of ________. As stated in the offer letter, employment with our company was contingent upon successful completion of background check and other formalities.

We have to inform you that we have carried out a background check on you as per our company's policy. During the background check, it was found that the information provided by you in your job application along with your resume and supporting documents were partially incorrect or incomplete. Therefore, we hereby rescind and withdraw the aforementioned job offer.

If you have any questions, you may contact (Name of the Person), (Designation) at (Phone Number) between ___ am and ___ pm.

Thank you for applying for the post. Wishing you best of luck in your career.

For (Name of the Organization),

(Name of the Officer)

TEMPLATE #2 (Email)

Dear _________,

Please be informed that we are hereby withdrawing our job offer to you for the position applied by you earlier. As you are aware, our company performs background checks on candidates before hiring them. During the background check on you, it has come to our attention that the information provided by you in your application was incorrect.

Therefore, we rescind our previous offer of employment to you for the position of ________ in accordance with the hiring policy of our company for the reasons mentioned hereinabove.

If you have any further questions, you may contact Mr./Ms. ____________ at (Phone Number) between ___ am and ___ pm during workdays.

Thank you for applying for the position. We wish you success in your future endeavors.

Best regards,
(Name of the Officer)
(Designation), (Department)
(Name of the Organization)