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Application Letter to the Principal for Continuing Certificate

A continuation certificate is given to a student from an educational institute. It testifies the continuity of a student's education in the institute.

write a application to principal for continue certificate
In order to get the certificate, a student shall make an application to the head of the educational institute for the continuation certificate. A continuation certificate may also be required while changing the subject, taking an extra course or being promoted to another class.

Here is an example of an application letter from a student to the principal for the issue of a continuation certificate. Please modify it appropriately. A sample of the continuation certificate is also given hereunder for your information.


Date: _________

The Headmaster/Principal
__________ School/College

Sub.: Request for issue of Continuing Certificate

Respected Sir/Madam,

With due respect and humble submission, I beg to state that a Continuing Certificate may kindly be issued in favour of me.

I am furnishing herein-below required information for this purpose:
1. Name: _____________________.
2. Class: _______, Session: _______.
3. College Roll No. _______, University Regn. No. _______.
4. Year of Passing/Failing the School/College Exam.: _______.
5. Subjects taken: _______, _______ and _______.
6. Reason for obtaining the certificate: It is required to help me resume my education in another institute/class/subject.

I hereby declare that the information furnished herein-above is true to the best of my knowledge. I also declare that no dues are pending from my side to be paid to the college with respect to library, hostel, NCC, class fees, etc.

Kindly issue the certificate. I shall be highly obliged to you.

Thanking you,
Yours obediently,

(Full Name of the Student)



This is to certify that Mr./Ms. (Name of the Student) of the class ______, having Roll No. ____ is admitted in (Name of the Programme/Course). He/She is continuing in this College in the academic session ___(Academic Year)___. He/She is physically/digitally attending the classes on a regular basis. His/Her behavior in the college was good and satisfactory.

Date: _________

(Name of the Student)

Headmaster/Principal, (Name of the Institute)

(Official seal/ rubber stamp of the Institute)

Application Letter to the Principal for Continuing Certificate


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