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Letter to the Editor on Garbage Problem in Your Area (Sample)

Garbage problem is a common issue in many localities in our country. While some localities have successfully adopted a good system of collection and disposal of garbage in their areas, others have failed to do so.

write a letter to the editor of a newspaper about the need for proper disposal of garbage
The residents of the respective localities should bring this to the attention of the local government bodies, panchayats or municipalities. If no major action is taken after several complaints, then the residents can approach higher authorities for necessary action.

Some people even write to the newspaper editors requesting them to publish the matter in their newspaper to attract the attention of the higher authorities and put pressure on the local bodies to take proper action to redress the garbage problem.

Here is an example of a letter to the editor about the need for proper disposal of garbage in your locality.


Date: ________

The Editor-in-Chief
__________ Newspaper
(Office Address)
Tel. _________

Sub.: Garbage mismanagement in our locality

Respected Sir/Madam,

I beg to draw your kind attention to the garbage mismanagement issues in our locality at _______, PIN ________. There is no proper system in place for collection and disposal of garbage from the street, shops and private households. This matter has been brought to the notice of the municipality several times by the residents of the locality. However, no permanent long-term solution has been adopted yet.

People throw garbage on the streets, shopkeepers throw waste from their shops, and street vendors do the same. Such garbage creates an unhealthy atmosphere for the native residents. The smell from the wastages is unbearable as they contain toxic gases. The garbage chokes up the drainage in the rainy season. It is especially hurting the health condition of the children and elderly.

Garbage bins should be placed at various places, where people can deposit their trash and wastages. Such garbage should be collected on a daily basis. Instead of burning the garbage at once, a proper system should be adopted to separate plastic and other dangerous substances from it. I am enclosing herewith some photographs of the garbage on the street and other places in our locality for your kind information.

Our complaints are not being heard by the local bodies, which is disheartening. Therefore, it is kindly requested that you bring this matter into the attention of higher authorities and the general public by publishing it in your esteemed newspaper as early as possible. The residents of our locality will highly appreciate your help in this regard.

Looking forward to your kind cooperation in addressing this situation.

Thanking you,
Yours sincerely,

(Name of the Person)

Encl.: Photographs.


  1. I want a newspaper report about the problem of garbage in your neighborhood in 250 words

    1. dead killer29 August, 2022

      you can search on google :)

  2. I need more about this topic of unmanage garbage to public health and suggest some measure to solve the problem

  3. i want a letter to editor for need of dustbins in my locality to dispose waste in a proper way


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