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Letter to Employee for Additional Allowance for Extra Duty

Many employees make extra efforts and time during their work in order to achieve things faster and sooner. However, such efforts generally go ignored by the employers, which result in discouragement on the part of such employees.

sample letter of additional allowance to employee
Some employers recognize such additional efforts carried out by the employees to perform extra duties. Hence, they try to motivate those employees by providing them with additional allowances.

If the employer is not providing you with any additional allowance for extra duties, then you write a letter to your boss requesting him for an additional allowance. Give sufficient justification towards it in the letter.

Here is a sample letter of additional allowance to an employee.


Date: ________

(Name of the Employee)
_________ Department
Employee Code: _____

Reg.: Allowance for additional duties.

Dear (Name),

We would like to congratulate you for your excellent performance on the ______ project. You have proved your worth by achieving beyond your targets. We appreciate your growth oriented and focused efforts that you give to your work.

We understand that you have been spending additional time to carry out extra duties assigned to you. Hence, the management has decided to provide you with additional allowance of (Amount) per month from (Month, Year). Please note that such an allowance is performance oriented and is awarded to encourage you to accomplish new heights of success in your work.

Our best wishes to you for your continuing progress in your professional life.

Yours truly,

(Name of the Officer)

Letter to Employee for Additional Allowance for Extra Duty