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Complaint Letter to the Society about Water Leakage Issue

Sometimes, the flat owners and tenants may face water leakage problems in their flats. The leakage may be happening at any rooms and halls in the flat.

complaint letter to society for water leakage from terrace
It is advisable that the flat owners and tenants bring this to the attention of the Chairman or the Secretary of the society committee immediately through personal meeting and by submission of a written complaint.

Here is a sample letter from the flat owner to the society committee complaining about the water leakage issue.


Date: _________

The Chairman/Secretary
________ Co-operative Society Ltd.
(Office Address)
Tel. __________

Sub.: Water leakage problem in Flat __ of __ Wing building

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am residing with my family in the Flat __ of __ Wing building of the ________ society. I am the owner of the said flat. I would like to bring to your attention an important matter that needs to be attended to on an urgent basis.

Yesterday, I noticed that there was some water leaking from the upper flat/ terrace. This is affecting the dining hall, one bedroom and kitchen. The paint from the walls of those rooms is peeling off. I fear that this may become a serious issue in the coming days and damage our rooms severely, which will financially affect me as well.

Since the water is leaking from the upper flat/ terrace, your intervention is sought for; otherwise, I would have resolved this on my own. I am enclosing herewith photographs of the walls where the leakage and spots can be noticed.

Therefore, I request you to kindly take immediate action on this to resolve the issue without any further delay.

Yours faithfully,

(Name of the Flat Owner)
Mob. _________

Enclosure: Photographs

Complaint Letter to the Society about Water Leakage Issue


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