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Request Letter to HR Manager for Change of Designation

Many employees are not satisfied with the designations given by their employers. This happens under two circumstances mainly either (1) they are not satisfied with the designations given to them at the time of joining or (2) they are unhappy that their designations have not undergone any change after a long time.

application letter for changing designation
Hence, such employees should formally write letters or emails to their reporting officers or HR managers requesting them to change their designations because of additional responsibilities or some other important reasons.

Here are samples of such letters and emails for your reference. Please modify them suitably.


Date: ________

(Name of the HR Manager/ Boss)
HR Manager/ (Title)
(Name of the Company)
(Office Address)

Sub.: Request for change in designation

Dear Sir/Madam,

I have been working as a (Designation) in the _________ department of the company for the last ___ years ___ months. During this tenure, I have received salary increments one/two/three times during annual performance appraisals. However, I have not been promoted to any higher positions yet.

While I understand and appreciate the policy of the company in the matters of promotions of the employees, I beg to draw your kind attention to the following things:
i) I have achieved the monthly targets majority of the times as assigned to me,
ii) I have been punctual and sincere at work maintaining cordial behavior with all,
iii) I have followed orders of my senior officers to the letter and spirit,
iv) I have contributed significantly in achievement of the key projects,
v) I have worked with my colleagues in team spirit in achieving our goals.

During the last ___ months, I have been assigned with additional duties and responsibilities in carrying out the _______ and _________ works.

Therefore, in consideration of the above facts and good record of accomplishment, I kindly request you to upgrade my designation to a suitable position as may be decided by the management.

Thanking you,
Yours faithfully,

(Name of the Employee)

TEMPLATE #2 (Email)

Dear Sir/Madam,

I have been associated with this company for the past ___ years. I am now working as a (Designation). I have been (mention your duties and responsibilities in brief). I have been assigned additional responsibilities from time to time since the last ___ months, which I have tried to perform to the best of my abilities. Therefore, considering these additional work activities, I kindly request you to change and upgrade my designation to ___________. This will be a big motivation in the performance of my duties. I shall be grateful.

Kind regards,
(Name of the Employee)

Request Letter to HR Manager for Change of Designation