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Experience Certificate/Letter for an HR Assistant/Executive

After the resignation or termination of an employee, he may request his employer to issue a relieving letter and an experience certificate for the period of his employment.

hr assistant experience certificate format
An experience certificate essentially contains information about the employee's name, designation, joining and separation dates, tenure, areas of responsibilities, rating on conduct and behaviour, etc.

Here are examples of experience letters for HR assistants or executives.

TEMPLATE #1 (Short Format)

Ref: _________
Date: _________

To Whom It May Concern,

This is to certify that (Name of the Employee) was working with (Name of the Company) as an HR Assistant/Executive for __ years __ months since (Joining Date).

He/She was handling different assignments relating to Human Resource management. He/She was sincere, hardworking, obedient and enthusiastic at work. His/Hers conduct and behaviour were satisfactory during the period of employment.

We wish him/her best of luck in his/her career and all future endeavours.

For (Name of the Company),

(Name of the Officer)

TEMPLATE #2 (Lengthy Format)

To Whomsoever It May Concern,

This is to certify that Ms./Mr. ____________ was working in the Human Resources department of (Name of the Organisation) as an HR Assistant/Executive from (Date) to (Date).

During his/her employment tenure, his/her major responsibilities were preparation of documentation and carrying out formalities for joining and separation of employees, attendance management, monitoring job portals for posting new jobs, corresponding with candidates, organising induction programs, managing the process of transfer and appraisal, employee relation and other day-to-day administration assignments.

He/She was quite active at work, enthusiastic to take different assignments, punctual at completing tasks and honoring working hours, contributing creative ideas, and a team player.

His/Hers conduct and behaviour were satisfactory. We highly recommend him/her for employment.

We wish him/her all the success in his/her future endeavours.

This Certificate has been issued upon his/hers request and without any liability on our part.

For (Name of the Organisation),

(Name of the Officer)

Dated ________
Place: ________

Experience Certificate for an HR Executive