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Request Letter to Bank for Duplicate Fixed Deposit Receipt

If you are unable to find your fixed deposit receipt because it was stolen from you, or it was destroyed unintentionally, or it was lost in transit, then you have to make an application to the bank for the issuance of a duplicate FD receipt.

letter to bank for duplicate fixed deposit receipt
Please consult with your banker for the exact procedure in this matter. They may have a prescribed format of such an application letter. Mostly, such an application letter is taken as a letter of indemnity, where you declare and undertake to indemnify the banker for any losses they may suffer in the future for issue of duplicate FD receipt to you.

Here is a sample of an application letter to the bank for the issue of duplicate FD receipt or certificate.


_________ Bank
_________ Branch
(Bank's Address)

Sub.: Application for issue of duplicate FD receipt

Dear Sir/Madam,

I/We, the undersigned, am/are the holder(s) of the following Term Deposit Receipt issued by _________ Bank Limited (“______ Bank”). The said Term Deposit Receipt has been irrecoverably lost from my possession because it was stolen/ misplaced/ lost in transit/ torn/ destroyed.

i) Term Deposit Receipt number _________ dated ________.
ii) Amount: of Rs. ______ (Rupees _______________ only).
iii) Name of the FD Holder(s): ___________ & __________.
iv) Address: __________. Mob. _______. Email _________.

At my/our request and my/our agreeing to indemnify ________ Bank in the following manner, ________ Bank has agreed to issue a duplicate Term Deposit Receipt in lieu of the above mentioned original Term Deposit Receipt reported by me/us to have been lost/ misplaced/ stolen/ destroyed.

In consideration of ______ Bank issuing/ having agreed to issue a duplicate Term Deposit Receipt in lieu of the instrument which has been irretrievably lost as mentioned above, I/we, the undersigned shall indemnify ________ Bank at all times and keep ________ Bank indemnified and save harmless against any and all costs, losses, claims, damages, expenses and all other sums of money, which ________ Bank may be required to pay, suffer or incur and also against all demands, actions, suits, proceedings that may be made, filed, taken or instituted against ________ Bank by reason of issue of a duplicate Term Deposit Receipt at my/our request and/or presentation, production or payment of said original Term Deposit Receipt being at any time found and presented for payment.

I/We further agree and undertake to deliver the aforementioned original Term Deposit Receipt to _______ Bank, if it is found by me/us or again come into my/our possession at any time hereafter, for cancellation and destruction if the same shall be found or traced at any time.

Dated at (Place) this ___th day of (Month), (Year).

Thanking you,
Yours faithfully,

    (Signature)                               (Signature)
(Name of the 1st Applicant)    (Name of the 2nd Applicant)
1st Applicant                            2nd Applicant


    (Signature)                               (Signature)
(Name of the 1st Witness)    (Name of the 2nd Witness)
Address: ______________   Address: _____________
Date: ________                    Date: ________

Request Letter to Bank for Duplicate Fixed Deposit Receipt