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Complaint Letter to Builder for Delay in Possession of Flat

Delay in handing over possession of the flat is a common dispute point that arises between flat owners and building developers.

sample letter to builder for delay in possession of flat
Hence, the flat owners should keep following up with their builders to get the work done as soon as possible. In case, there is a delay in handing over possession of the flat then the flat owners can write a complaint letter/email to the builder. Written complaints by flat owners and responses from builders will be essential if the matter goes to court.

Here is an example of such a letter to the construction developer complaining about delay in giving possession.


Date: ________

(Name of the Flat Owner)
(Home Address)
Mob. _________

(Name of the Officer)
(Name of the Builder's Organisation)
(Office Address)
Tel: __________

Sub.: Delay in handing over of flat possession.

Dear Mr./Ms. _______,

This is with reference to the agreement dated ______ between your firm and me for the purchase of a flat at (Location) under the (Name of the Society) project. I am highly disappointed to see that there has been a considerable delay in completing construction of the flat and handing over its possession to me.

As per the said agreement, you had made a commitment to complete the aforementioned project by (Date) and handover the flat to me by (Date). Since you have already received ___% of the agreed flat purchase amount, you should have completed the work by now. However, after several follow-ups, I have not yet received any satisfactory response from you on the date by which I would receive the flat possession. Neither have you sought from me formally any extension of time in this regard.

This has caused severe mental anxiety to me and my family. I am unnecessarily paying rent for my stay at another flat, whereas I should be living in my flat by now and thereby saving money by doing so. I am also paying interest on the home loan taken from the bank, which is causing additional financial stress.

Therefore, you are hereby requested to complete all the necessary construction works of the flat and handover the flat's possession at the earliest. I hereby give you extended time up to (Date) for handing over the flat's possession to me. Failing which, I would be compelled to take the help of the appropriate judicial system on this matter.

Please note if you fail to handover the flat's possession to me by the extended time limit, you shall have to pay an interest at the rate of __% per annum to me on the amount already paid to you for the purchase of the flat. The interest shall be applicable from the original due date committed by you for handing over the flat's possession as per our agreement dated ______.

Looking forward to an amicable solution to this matter.

Thank you.


(Name of the Flat Owner)

Complaint Letter to Builder for Delay in Possession of Flat