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Request Letter to HR for Reimbursement of Medical Bills

An employee can apply for reimbursement of his medical bills if his employer has given him such privileges under his employment contract.

letter to hr for reimbursement of medical expenses
Generally, the companies do not directly reimburse any medical expenses. They pay money towards medical insurance policies of their employees. Hence, the insurance companies reimburse the medical bills as per the terms of the insurance policies.

Hereunder is a sample of a letter written from an employee to the employer requesting for reimbursement of his medical bills.


Date: _________

The HR Manager
(Name of the Organisation)
(Office Address)
Tel: __________

Sub.: Reimbursement of medical expenses

Dear Sir/Madam,

I would like to request you to reimburse me the medical expenses spent by me recently. I was admitted to a hospital for ___ days for treatment of (Name of the Disease). I have been discharged. I was taking medications regularly. I am now fully recovered. Kindly note the following details in this regard.

i) Name of the Employee: ___________.
ii) Employee code: _______.
iii) Designation: ____________.
iv) Total medical expenses: ________.
v) Medical reason/disease: ____________.
vi) Date of admission and discharge from hospital: ________.
vii) Hospital name: _________.

As per my employment contract, I am entitled to reimbursement of my medical expenses. Hence, the aforementioned medical expenses may kindly be reimbursed and credited to my following bank account: A/c number __________, _________ Bank & IFSC: _______. Otherwise, it may be given to me by cash or cheque. I am enclosing herewith the medical bills for your information and records. 

Thank you for your cooperation and support.

Yours sincerely,

(Name of the Employee)
Mob. __________

Encl.: As above

Request Letter to HR for Reimbursement of Medical Bills


  1. Thank you. I used it to write to my HR. I am from Bangalore.


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