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Permission Letter Format to Police for Durga Puja Kali Puja

Special permissions need to be obtained by the Puja Committees to conduct Durga/ Kali/ Ganesh Puja by constructing Pandals and Murtis and celebrating it with large gatherings. Permission is also required to carry out the Visarjana procession afterwards.

police permission letter for durga puja
You can write a simple application letter to the respective police station with all the details about the arrangement. Otherwise, you can visit the police station and enquire about the exact procedure and application format in this regard.

You can also visit the police department's website to find the application forms. Some police websites are providing online facilities to make the application to obtain the permission.

(Application Letter to Police Station for Conducting & Celebrating Durga Puja)

The Commissioner of Police,
__________ City

(Through The Officer-In-Charge, _________ Police Station)

Sub.: Permission for holding Durga Puja event.


With due respect, we request your goodself to accord permission to our committee to organise and hold Durga Puja event, to use loudspeakers and for immersion of the statue or idol of the deity as per the following details.

i) Name of the Durga Puja Committee: _____________.
ii) Name, Address & Phone No. of the Applicant i.e. the President of the Committee: __________________.
iii) Name, Address & Phone No. of the Secretary of the Committee: __________________.
iv) Venue of the Pandel where murti will be installed & puja will be conducted: ____________.
v) Area of the Pandel: ___________ Sq. Ft.
vi) Height of the Pandel: _______ feet & Height of the Murti: _______ feet.
vii) No. of days the ceremony & religious function will be carried out: From (Date) to (Date).
viii) Maximum No. of Persons to be present at a time inside the Pandel premises: _________.
ix) Material used for construction of Pandel: _________.
x) Arrangement of CCTV (Yes/No), Generator (Yes/No) & Fire Extinguisher (Yes/No).
xi) No. of volunteers to be engaged to control the crowd at Puja venue: ____.
xii) Expected date, time, place and route of idol immersion: __________________.

We declare that we shall abide by the social distancing, security and safety rules and regulations laid down by the Government in all respect and on behalf of the Puja Committee.

We shall be highly obliged if you kindly issue the necessary permission.

Thanking you,
Yours sincerely,

(Name of the Applicant)
________ Durga Puja Committee

Date: ________
Place: ________

(1) Copy of last year's permission. (2) Landowner's permission/ NOC letter. (3) Sketch map of Puja venue. (4) Permission letter from the Fire Department. (5) Permission letter from the Electricity Department. (6) Permission letter from the Panchayat/Municipal Corp. (7) Puja Budget Plan.

(Letter to Police for Taking Out Religious Procession)

The Commissioner of Police,
_________ city.

Respected Sir/Madam,

We request your goodself to allow us to take out religious procession in view of Dussehra festival as per the following details.

i) Name of the Durga Puja Committee: _____________.
ii) Name, Address & Phone No. of the President & Secretary of the Committee: __________________.
iii) Address of the Pandel: ____________.
iv) Routes for Immersion/ Visarjana procession: From ______ road to _____ road.
v) Place of Murti Visarjana: ___________ river/pond at (Location).
vi) No. of devotees to be part of Visarjana procession: _______.
vii) Time of Visarjana procession: From _____ to ______.

We assure that we will abide by the restrictions imposed by the authorities and will not resort to any lawlessness during the procession.

Therefore, we request you to permit us to take out the aforesaid procession. We also request you to kindly make necessary bandobast arrangements as may be required for this purpose.

Thanking you,
Yours sincerely,

(Name of the Person)
________ Durga Puja Committee

Date: ________
Place: ________

Enclosure: Police permission letter for holding Puja event.

sample letter to police for puja permission