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Complaint Letter to Courier Company for Parcel Non-delivery

The parcels sent through courier or postal services have a chance of being lost or misplaced in transit. If there is any undue delay in delivery of your parcel, then you should lodge a complaint at the earliest.

complaint letter to courier company for missing goods
You can lodge the complaint by a written letter, or by using their complaint forms, or by sending an email to their customer care department, or by calling over phone on the number given by them in their website for grievance redressal.

Here is a sample of a complaint letter written by a customer to the courier company regarding non-delivery of parcel.


Date: __________

(Name of the Complainant)
Mob. __________

(Name of the Courier Company)
(Registered/Local Office Address)
Tel. ___________

Reg.: Non-delivery of parcel


I would like to lodge a complaint regarding the non-delivery of my parcel sent through your courier services company i.e. ____________ Limited. I am very disappointed with your company's poor services. Kindly note the following details about the said parcel.

(i) Consignment number: ___________.
(ii) Date of despatch: ________.
(iii) Branch office where the parcel was given: ___________.
(iv) Name and address to which parcel was to be despatched: ___________.
(v) Payment: (Amount) was paid at the above branch office.
(vi) Sender name and address: __________.

It has been over ___ days since the despatch of the parcel; however, it has not been delivered yet. I visited the ____ branch office on (Date) to complain about the issue. The staff members had informed me that they will look into the issue and the parcel will be delivered soon.

The parcel contains some important valuable things. If it is lost by your company for any reason, then I will have no other option but to claim damages against your company in the court of law.

Therefore, I request you to kindly investigate the matter and update me about the status at the earliest. Looking forward to receiving an early response.


(Name of the Complainant)

Complaint Letter to Courier Company for Parcel Non-delivery


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