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Letter to the MLA of Your Area Complaining about Bad Roads

When the roads in your locality are in bad condition for a long time and are not being repaired, then you should lodge a complaint with the appropriate local authority to look into the matter immediately.

write a letter on the bad condition of the road in your town
Generally, such complaints are lodged with the Municipal Corporations or Panchayats. However, if they do not resolve the issue, then you can approach higher authorities or political leaders to pressurize the appropriate authorities to attend to your grievances at the earliest.

Here is a sample of a complaint letter to the local MLA of your area regarding bad road conditions.


Date: _________

Shri/Smt. ___________
MLA, (Constituency Name)
(Official Address)
Tel. __________

Sub.: Complaint regarding poor road condition in _______ locality

Dear Sir/Madam,

We are the local residents of _________ locality, Ward no. ___, Village: _______, Pin: ________. We beg to draw your kind attention about the bad road condition in our locality. The local residents are facing severe difficulties in transportation due to these bad roads.

The main roads and the sub-roads connecting from the main road to our area are in a very poor condition. There are chances of road accidents every day. Many accidents leading to body injuries have already happened on these roads in the past. There is no appropriate drainage system by the side of the roads, which creates water overflow issues in rainy seasons and drainage clogging issues throughout the year.

The children are facing trouble in going to school. The elders are fearful of falling down on damaged portions of the roads. The four-wheelers are especially facing hurdles in transporting. The arrival of ambulances at the patient's house is unnecessarily delayed because of the bad roads.

The local residents have complained about this to the local authorities and panchayat. However, no major action has been taken as of yet. While some of the roads need to be repaired immediately, some other important roads need to be concreted for ease of communication.

Therefore, we humbly request your goodself to take up the matter with concerned authorities so that the roads can be built and repaired at the earliest. We would be forever grateful to you for your help.

Thanking you,

Yours truly,

(Name of the Persons)

Enclosure: Photographs of the roads.


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