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Application for Permission to Appear in a Competitive Exam

Some employees (especially government employees) are required to obtain specific permission to appear in competitive examinations while in service.

application for permission to appear in the competitive examination
You can write a request letter to your boss or any other appropriate authority, wherein you can provide the details of the competitive exam you are going to appear and other basic details about you and your employment with the organisation.

Here is an example of an application seeking permission to appear in the competitive examination.


(Name of the Officer)
(Name of the Organisation)
(Office Address)

Sub.: Request for issue of NOC to appear in competitive examinations.

Dear Sir/Madam,

I would like to inform you that I wish to appear in the Competitive Examination for employment outside of Banking/ Railways/ Power/ Tourism/ Textiles. In order to appear in the examination/ join the employment post examination, I need a No-Objection Certificate from your goodself. Kindly note the following details about me.

1. Name: _______________. 2. Father's name: ____________. 3. Date of birth: _______________. 4. Caste: _________. 5. Aadhar: _________. 6. Address: __________. 7. Mobile no.: _________. 8. Date of Joining/Appointment: _________. 9. Designation: _________. 10. Grade Pay: _________. 11. Department: _________. 12. Office name and address: _________. 13. HOD: _________. 14. Availing NOC for Exam in the current year: 1st/2nd/3rd time. 15. Previous NOC Date & Purpose: _________. 16. Employee ID No./ Code: _______.

Declaration: (i) I will bear all the expenses for appearing in the said examination, (ii) I will take permission for leave for appearing in the examination, (iii) I declare that my official work will not be affected because of getting the permission to appear in the exam, (iv) I understand that the permission, if granted, shall in no way relieve me from my duties in the (Name of the Organisation), (v) I shall abide by the rules and regulations of (Name of the Organisation) during employment and separation, (vi) No criminal case is pending against me before the court of law or any legal forums.

Therefore, I kindly request you to issue an NOC allowing me to appear in the Competitive Examination, (Year).

Thanking you for your kind consideration.

Yours sincerely,

(Name of the Employee)

Date: ________
Place: ________

Application for Permission to Appear in a Competitive Exam


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