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Request Letter for Hand Sanitizers and Disinfection of Office

With the pandemic outbreak of Coronavirus, many organizations have become more careful in improving the state of sanitation inside the office premises.

sample letter request for disinfection of office
Essentially, the use of hand sanitizers and masks has increased along with maintaining a 6-10 feet distance between people. However, certain organizations have failed to adopt these sanitation measures and some organizations have taken a very few measures just to escape the eyes of the law.

The staff members and people associated with an organization can request the head of the organization to improve the sanitation situation and make available important sanitation instruments.

Here are samples of letters requesting hand sanitizers and disinfection of the office.

(Letter Request for Disinfection of Office.)

Date: ________

(Name of the Officer)
(Name of the Organization)

Sub.: Sanitization and disinfection of office

Dear Sir/Madam,

As you are aware that the Coronavirus outbreak has grappled the world for several months by now. I am writing to you to seek your support for keeping our lives safe in the office premises. I have the following suggestions in this regard.

1. Making available hand sanitizers at all departments and at the reception counter for hand hygiene.
2. Providing masks to staff members and outsiders in case someone is not using it.
3. Keeping one or two oxygen cylinders in case of emergency.
4. Strict guidelines for maintaining distances between employees inside the office premises.
5. Conducting important awareness programs regularly. It may be for a very short duration.

I am sure your supportive and responsible efforts, as always, will be very useful for us. The staff members as well as outsiders coming to the office will greatly benefit from this.

Thank you for your kind attention and efforts.

Yours faithfully,

(Name of the Employee)

(Letter to the Principal from Teacher for Hand Sanitizers)

Date: _______

The Principal
___________ School/College

Sub.: Availability of hand sanitizers in the school/college

Dear Sir/Madam,

With respect to the subject cited above, I would like to humbly request you that hand sanitizers be made available for the teachers and students in our school/college. This would be an essential step towards ensuring our safety in view of the outbreak of Coronavirus (COVID-19).

The cleaning staff members can be informed to increase the frequency of disinfection practices for the floors and other places in the premises of the school/college.

I believe everyone would highly appreciate your support in this regard.

Thanking you,
Yours faithfully,

(Name of the Teacher)