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Printer Not Working Properly Complaint Letter to the Dealer

Most of the organizations have fixed dealers to regularly supply them with different technical equipment as per their requirements.

write a letter to dealer complaint about the quality of printer
In case, any of the equipment shows any sign of technical problems, then the issue should be raised with the dealer immediately without any delay so that they can send a technician to repair or replace the faulty equipment.

Here is an example of such a complaint letter to the dealer regarding poor quality of a newly purchased printer.


Date: ________

(Name of the Dealer)
(Office Address)
Tel. ________

Reg. Newly bought printer malfunctioning.

Dear Mr. _______,

We had recently purchased the following printer from you. However, we are shocked to notice that the printer is not working properly.

Printer details:
Brand: __________, Model: ________, Date of Purchase: _______, Bill No.: ________.

The printer was working well for the first two weeks after the installation. However, for the last few days, we have been noticing that the ink nozzles of the cartridge are being clogged. The printer is also making noises while printing and during scanning any documents. Sometimes, the sheets are being stuck while printing.

We are highly disappointed that we are facing trouble with a new printer, which is hindering smooth progress of the printing work. The printer has a one-year warranty period. Hence, we request you to send your representative to check the printer and repair it immediately. If the problem persists, we will have to ask you for a replacement.

We are enclosing herewith a copy of the purchase invoice for your information. Kindly look into the issue without any delay.

Yours faithfully,

(Name of the Sender)

Encl.: A/a

Printer Not Working Properly Complaint Letter to the Dealer


  1. Narendra Ku Nayak20 September, 2023

    Sir ji, thank you for the complaint letter format. I used it to lodge a complaint.


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