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Complaint Letter to the Police against Land Encroachment

The purchase and sale of land plots have gone up significantly over the years. With the increase in the number of smaller plots and its owners, the disputes between them have also increased.

police sample complaint letter for trespassing
It is advisable that the landowners mutually resolve the issue between them before taking the case to the police station and the court of law. If the dispute is regarding the size of the land, then the landowners can apply for demarcation of the plots. Such an application has to be made to the police station.

Here is an example of a complaint letter from a landowner to the police regarding a land dispute.


Date: ________

The Officer-in-charge / The Superintendent
__________ Police Station

Sub.: Complaint regarding land encroachment.

Respected Sir/Madam,

I beg to state that I am Mr./Ms. _________, aged ___ years, a resident of (Full home address). I had bought a piece of uncultivated land bearing plot no. ____ admeasuring an area of _____ square feet in the ______ village, _____ taluka, _______ district. Since I was not using it, it was left unattended. The area was covered by a boundary wall/ wire fencing.

Recently, while visiting the said property, I was shocked to notice that the people living in the plot adjacent to my plot are illegally using my plot area for their domestic purposes without my written consent. The names of the people using my plot illegally are Mr. _________ and Mrs. ________, who are residing at (Home address).

On (Date), I visited their house and requested them to stop using my land for their private purposes. However, they refused to cooperate and leave my property peacefully. They were also verbally very abusive during the discussion. I had also warned them that I would sue them for trespassing my property if they did not leave the property immediately. They continue to use my property without my consent.

Therefore, I would like to kindly request your goodself to register this complaint as an FIR against Mr. _________ and Mrs. ________ for land encroachment and trespassing. I further request you to kindly vacate them from my property at the earliest. I shall be grateful for your kind cooperation in this matter.

Thanking you,
Yours sincerely,

(Name of the Complainant)
Mob. ________

Complaint Letter to the Police against Land Encroachment


  1. Did any one help us land developer asking fifty lakhs after demolished our house


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