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Letter to the Block Development Officer BDO for Road Repair

Applications or complaint letters can be submitted by the residents of a locality to the concerned Block Development Officer (BDO) for problems faced by them that can be resolved by the BDO, which comes under his jurisdiction and responsibility.

letter to block development officer in english
Write a simple letter with all the necessary details about the issue faced by you. Address the letter to the BDO and submit it at his office. Meet the BDO along with the application and explain to him the trouble faced by you.

Here is an example of such an application letter from the villagers to the BDO with a request for road repair.


Date: ________

The Block Development Officer
(Office Address)
Tel. _________

Subj.: Request for sanction of funds for village road repair.

Dear Sir/Madam,

We are the residents of ________ village under Ward no. ___. We beg to state that due to heavy rain, natural calamities and regular wear and tear, most of the roads in our locality have been damaged. Several sub-roads are in severely damaged conditions needing immediate attention.

Due to the bad conditions of the roads, our daily lives remain greatly affected. Some of the key hardships faced by us are transportation of goods, ambulance arrival for patients, road accidents, kids face difficulties in going to school, senior citizens are afraid to go by motorcycles due to potholes in the road, etc.

Therefore, we request you to sanction funds under the concerned Govt. schemes and give necessary instruction for the repair/construction of the following roads on priority, and subsequently other roads in damaged condition need to be repaired or newly constructed.
i) Road between (Name of the place) to (Name of the place),
ii) Road between (Name of the place) to (Name of the place).

We shall be highly grateful to your goodself for your kind attention and action taken in this regard to help us get out of the hardship faced by us on daily basis.

Thanking you,
Yours sincerely,

(Names of the Villagers)

Letter to the Block Development Officer BDO for Road Repair


  1. Very good writed by the your application sir thanks


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