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Letter to Labour Commissioner for Non-payment of Salary

As an employee, you are entitled to get salary payments for the number of days you have worked for your employer including any other benefits and perquisites attached to it.

letter format to labour commissioner
In case, your employer refuses to pay the genuine payments due to you, or does not cooperate with you on this matter, then you have a right to take this matter to appropriate legal forums. Many employees before taking the matter to court complain about this issue to the concerned Labour Department in their region.

Here is an example of a complaint letter to the Labour Department from a person with his grievances on salary payments due to be received from his ex-employer.


Date: ________

The Deputy/Assistant Labour Commissioner, ________
Office of the Labour Commissioner
(Office Address)
Tel. _________

Sub.: Complaint regarding non-receipt of salary.

Respected Sir/Madam,

My name is ___________, aged ___ years. I am a resident of (Home Address). I was working in (Name of the Organization) as a (Designation) since (Date). The said company/firm is situated at (Office Address). I had resigned on (Date). As per the employment contract, I had served the required __ months' notice period.

During the whole period of employment there, I had carried out my duties and responsibilities in a very responsible way with dedication. I have also completed all resignation formalities as required. However, they are withholding my salary for the months from (Month) to (Month) for a total of (Amount) without giving any genuine reasons and explanations. I have been following up with them for the payment for the last __ months, but they have not been cooperating at all. I have been facing severe financial issues because there are __ dependents who solely rely on my income.

Therefore, I kindly request your goodself to look into my grievances on non-payment of salary by my ex-employer, and give necessary direction to them to release my payment immediately. I shall be grateful to you for your help.

Thanking you,
Yours sincerely,

(Name of the Ex-Employee)
Mob. _________


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