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Draft Letter to EPF Office to Change Date of Joining of Employee

In case, an employer has by mistake communicated to the EPF office the wrong date of joining of any of his employees, then he can make an application to the EPF office to make necessary corrections.

letter to pf office for date of joining change
A Joint Declaration by the Member and the Employer has to be submitted to the EPF office with the basic details of the employee along with the details of the wrong and correct date of joining. The employee shall enclose a self-attested copy of identity proof with the declaration. The EPF office will probably update their records with the correct date within 15-45 days.

Here is a sample of the Joint Declaration letter to be submitted by the employee and the employer duly signed and sealed for date of joining change.


Joint Declaration by the Member and the Employer

Date: _________

The Regional PF Commissioner
(Name of the Region)
(Complete Address)

Sub.: Joint declaration for correction of date of joining.

Dear Sir/Madam,

I, (Name of the Employee), am/was an employee/ ex-employee of (Name of the Organization), having its registered office at (Address). I am furnishing below herewith the correct details with the aforesaid establishment. Please note that my PF number is ______ and UAN is ________.

letter to pf office for date of joining change

I am also enclosing herewith a self-attested copy of ID proof (Any one of PAN card/ Voters’ Identity Card/ Passport/ Driving License/ Aadhar Card) for your ready reference and verification purposes in support of the correct details as mentioned above.

Therefore, you are requested to make necessary changes in your records under intimation to me.

An early action in this regard will be highly appreciated.

Thanking you,
Yours faithfully,

Name & Signature of Applicant: ________________.
Name of Authorized Signatory: _________________.
Signature with Establishment Seal: ______________.

Encl.: As Above