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Request Letter for Installation of a New Electric Transformer

Transformer issues are common in many localities, especially in the rural areas. Due to the high cost of the transformer, it cannot be easily replaced.

request letter for new transformer installation
However, if the transformer is in a severely damaged condition and the residents in a locality are facing problems repeatedly, then they should complain about it at the electricity board's office. You can also write a complaint letter and submit it at the electricity board's office. Otherwise, you can submit an online complaint regarding this, if such an online option is provided by the electricity company.

Here is a sample of a request letter for the replacement of the old transformer for a new one. Please modify it appropriately.


Date: __________

(Name of the Electricity Board/ Company)
__________ Division
(Office Address)

Sub.: Request for replacement of the transformer.

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am a resident of the ____ locality under ward no. ___ in ____ village. My consumer connection number is ________. There is one power transformer installed for our area at (Location). The transformer is around ___ years old. It had been repaired several times over the years.

Due to the poor condition of the transformer, the power supply is often hampered. It takes around 6-12 hours to restore the supply. There is high fluctuation in voltage supply throughout the day. It not only affects the commercial operations carried out by the businesses, but also the families using electronic items (viz. refrigerator, TV, washing machine, AC, geyser, etc.) daily face immense difficulties and botheration.

Some of the consumers have complained about it at your office time and again. However, no major action on it has been taken yet. The old transformer needs to be replaced urgently. The residents will be greatly benefited.

Therefore, it is kindly requested that the said transformer be immediately replaced. I believe the residents of our locality would highly appreciate your prompt action in the matter.

Yours sincerely,

(Name of the Complainant)
Mob. ________