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Parent's Letter to Principal to Promote a Child to Next Class

A student may not be able to pass an examination due to some unavoidable circumstances even if he is a good student.

application to the principal to promote my child in next class
One of the most common reasons behind this is health problems. If the student was suffering from a critical disease, due to which he could not study for several months, then this can be brought to the attention of the Principal of the school, and his permission can be sought to be promoted to the next class.

Here is an example of an application letter from a parent with a request to promote his child to the next class due to genuine health reasons.


Date: _________

The Principal/ Headmaster/ Headmistress
(Name of the School)
(School's Address)

Sub.: Prayer for promotion of our child to higher class.

Respected Sir/Madam,

With due respect, I beg to state that my son/daughter (Name) is a student of Class ____, Section ___, Roll no. ______ in your school.

He/She has been in the school since class ___. He/She is a good student. Generally, he/she scores in the range of __% to __% (Grade ___ to ___) in the exams, which clearly shows that he/she has been carrying a good academic record.

However, unfortunately, he/she was not able to score the minimum pass mark in the final year examination for class ___. As you are aware, he/she was suffering from (Name of the Disease) for a few months, for which he/she had sought leave of absence earlier. It took a toll on his/her health. He/She was bed ridden for a long time. It took several months for him/her to recover. During the examination period, he/she was not feeling well. Hence, he/she was unable to prepare for the examination and score the pass mark.

Therefore, I appeal to your good office to take into consideration the above circumstances, and earnestly request your goodself to kindly promote him/her to higher class considering his/her good academic records. It will give him/her much needed moral support at this crucial juncture of his/her academic life.

Thanking you,
Yours sincerely,

(Name of the Parent)
Mob. _________