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Application for Permission to Work/Travel during Curfew

The government authorities impose travel and work restrictions during any kind of curfew in a locality.

permission letter to travel during curfew
In order to be able to travel and work during the curfew, you need to seek permission from the concerned authority by writing a formal application. In the application, you need to justify why you should be allowed to travel and work during the curfew.

Here is a sample of an application letter seeking permission to travel and work during curfew.


Date: ________

(Title of the Officer)
(Name of the Office)
(Office Address)

Sub.: Permission to travel and work during curfew.

Respected Sir/Madam,

The following person is an employee of our organization. He will be traveling between work and home, and to different places within the State of ________ for carrying out his duty. This may involve travel during any curfew, which may be imposed from time to time by any statutory authorities.

Name of the Employee: ___________.
Employee ID/ Code: ________.
Designation: ___________.
Signature: _________.
Type of work: _____________.
The employee will be able to produce a valid ID proof as well as work identification proof.

Such work by our said employee is exempted from the purview of the curfew as per the government advisory and is considered essential in any disaster management situations.

In the mutual interest of the public and ours, you are kindly requested to allow the above-mentioned individual to travel and work during any curfew.

This letter is valid from (Date) until (Date). For validation purposes, please contact (Name of the Employee), (Designation), (Phone Number).

Thank you for your cooperation.


(Name of the Officer)