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Builder's No Objection NOC Letter to Bank for Flat Mortgage

While applying for a housing loan by mortgaging the property, the banks ask for no objection certificate from the previous owner or the builder of the property.

no objection certificate from builder to bank
The NOC will be drafted with basic details of the property viz. flat number, floor number, building wing, location address, sale consideration, etc. and the builder will convey that they have no objection in the property being mortgaged for getting a loan.

Here is a sample of a no objection letter from the builder to the bank for the mortgage of a flat for getting a loan.

(Letter to be printed, signed and sealed on the Letterhead of the Builder)


Date: _______

The Branch Manager
___________ Bank
___________ Branch
(Office Address)

Sub.: Permission to Mortgaging of a Flat.

Dear Sir/Madam,

This is to confirm that we have sold to (Name of the Buyer), having PAN: ______ & Aadhar: ______, a flat under our _____ project at (Location) as per the following details for a total consideration of Rs. __________/- under a registered sale deed dated __________.

Description of the property:
1. Flat No. ___, Floor No. ___, Wing "___", Locality: ______, Plot No. ___, City: ______, PIN: _____.
2. Area of the Flat: ______ sq.ft. Rate: Rs. ______/sq.ft.
3. The buyer has to make a payment of (i) Cost of Land (UDS): Rs. _______, (ii) Cost of Construction: Rs. ________, (iii) Total cost of Flat: Rs. _________.

We confirm that we have obtained necessary permissions and sanctions for construction of the said property from all the concerned statutory authorities and that the construction of the building as well as of the flat is in accordance with the approved plans.

We declare and affirm that we have legal and marketable rights to the title of the said property.

We have borrowed from _______ Bank, ________ Branch, whose NOC for this transaction is enclosed herewith. We have not borrowed from any other financial institution for the purchase/ development of the said property.

We have no objection whatsoever to the said buyer, at his/her own costs, risks and consequences mortgaging the said property to (NAME OF THE BANK) ("the Bank") as security for the amount advanced by the Bank to him/her subject to the due and proper performance and compliances of all the terms and conditions of the sale deed by the said buyer.

We are agreeable to accept the Bank as a nominee of the said buyer for property described above once the nomination favouring the Bank has been registered and advice is sent to the Bank of having done so, after creation of proper charge/ mortgage and after receipt of the copies thereof.

We also undertake to give proper notice to the co-operative housing society as and when informed by the buyer or the bank about the creation of charge/ mortgage on the flat.

The no objection certificate is being provided on the request of the said buyer solely for the purpose of mortgage of the said property for getting a housing loan.

Yours faithfully,
For __________ Private Limited,

Authorized Signatory
Name: ___________
Designation: _______

Encl.: As above.

Builder's No Objection NOC Letter to Bank for Flat Mortgage


  1. Vivek K Sharma29 September, 2023

    This letter was useful in drafting our letter. I appreciate your efforts in putting up such letter formats for us. Thank you. I am from Madhya Pradesh.


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