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Complaint Letter for Warranty Claim not being Honored

It is the right of a customer to lodge a formal complaint against a business establishment, who intentionally rejects a rightful warranty claim.

sample complaint letter to warranty company
The customer should approach the company's customer care department or its grievance officer directly to look into the matter and resolve it. The customer in his letter or email should give all the necessary details about the purchased item, its warranty validity and claim.

Here is an example of such a complaint letter regarding warranty claim.


Date: _________

The Grievance Officer
Consumer Department
(Name of the Company)
(Office Address)
Tel. ___________

Sub.: Complaint regarding warranty claim.

Dear Sir/Madam,

I had bought the following product of your company from a shop in the (Locality Name). I am very disappointed to say that my legitimate warranty claim has not been honored.

(i) Name of the Product: __________. (ii) Brand: ________. (iii) Model: ________. (iv) Date of the Purchase: _________. (v) Amount Paid: __________. (vi) Name of the Shop, Address & Telephone No.: _______________________________. (vii) Warranty valid for ________ years.

Within ___ days of buying your product, it started showing technical problems. It seems like a manufacturing default in the product. I went to the shop where I had bought the product and I conveyed to the shop owner/manager the problems with the product.

After showing him the warranty card, I had requested him to have the product repaired or replaced so that I can get a fully functioning product without any faults in it. I was shocked to notice that the shop owner/manager abused me in front of everyone present and rejected my genuine claim.

Therefore, I kindly request your goodself to look into the issue and provide me with a solution as soon as possible. I am enclosing herewith a copy of the purchase invoice and warranty card for your kind reference.

Thank you for your valuable time and cooperation.

Yours faithfully,

(Name of the Customer)
Mob. ___________
Address: ________________.

Enclosure: Copies of invoice and warranty card.

Complaint Letter for Warranty Claim not being Honored