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Consent Letter Format for Minor Children Travelling Abroad

The explicit written consent of the parents/guardian of a minor child may be asked for by the Visa authority or the travelling airlines when a minor child travels internationally with some other person.

parent authorization letter for minors travel international
In such a case, the parents/guardian of the minor child should clearly write down in a consent letter all the basic details of the child and themselves, and the details of the person under whose care the child will travel.

Hereunder is a sample of such a consent letter from the parents/guardian of a child for international travel with another person.


Affidavit of Consent for Children Travelling Abroad

To Whomsoever It May Concern,

I/We am/are the parent(s), legal guardian(s) or other authorized person(s) with custody rights, or parental authority over the following child:—

i) Child's Full Name: __________________.
ii) Date and place of birth: _____ & ________.
iii) Passport Number and date of issue of passport: _________ & ________.
iv) Issuing authority of the passport: _____________.
v) Birth certificate registration number: ___________.
vi) Issuing authority of birth certificate: ____________.

Details of the person(s) giving consent:—
i) Name, address and phone number: _________. Relationship to the child: ________.
ii) Name, address and phone number: _________. Relationship to the child: ________.

The abovementioned child has my/our consent to travel with the following person:—

Accompanying Person:
i) Full Name: _____________________.
ii) Date of birth & Nationality: ________ & _________.
iii) Relationship to the child: __________.
iv) Number and date of issue of passport: _________ & _________.
v) Issuing authority of passport: ____________.

Contact information during the trip:—
i) Destination(s): __________.
ii) Travel dates: __________.
iii) Accommodation address, phone number and email: __________.

I/We am/are enclosing herewith the following documents for your information and records: (i) Certified copies of the passports of the child, parents/guardian and the accompanying person, (ii) Certified copy of the child's birth certificate, and (iii) Certified copy of the child's custody order by court.


(Name of the Parents/Guardian)
Date: __________. Place: __________.

Signature of the person who will travel with the minor child: _______________. Name: _________________. Date: __________. Place: __________.

Subscribed and sworn before me this ____th day of (Month), 20___ at (Location).
Name: ___________________________.