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Sample Discount Request Letter to Supplier for the Purchase

In case, your supplier has sent you a quotation for the list of the items ordered by you and the prices of some of the items seem higher than market rate, then you can request your supplier for giving you a discount and revise the rates for you.

discount request letter to supplier
You can write a formal letter to the supplier or send an email to the supplier for faster action in this regard. In your letter or email, clearly specify the names of the items for which you seek a discount.

Here is an example of a request letter to the supplier for revising the rates and to give you some discount.


Date: _________

(Name of the Supplier)
Tel. ________

Reg.: Prices in the quotation for the supply of ordered items.

Dear Mr. ________,

Thank you for sending across the quotation for the supply of the requested items vide our letter dated ________. A copy of the quotation is attached for your ready reference.

We have some observations on the price rates of certain items. It seems that the price quoted is higher than the prevailing market rate as per our knowledge. Kindly take a note of the following comparative table.

Sl. No. | Items Description | Price Quoted | Market Rate | Expected Rate
 _____   ______________   ___________  __________   ___________
 _____   ______________   ___________  __________   ___________
 _____   ______________   ___________  __________   ___________

Therefore, we request you to kindly revise the rates accordingly and send us fresh quotations for the requested items. Upon receipt, we will review the same and confirm our order, if it is to our satisfaction.

Thank you for your time.

Yours faithfully,

(Name of the Officer)