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Sample Cover Letter for Summer Internship in Marketing

Pursuing internship by the students is a compulsory part in the curriculum of MBA courses. This helps MBA students to learn and develop management skills with practical case studies.

cover letter for summer internship in marketing
Marketing students also have to pursue an internship in some preferable organization. He should write an impressive cover letter and send it along with his resume to the organization where he wants to do the internship.

Here is an example of a cover letter from a marketing student for a summer internship.


Date: _________

The HR Manager
(Name of the Organization)
(Office Address)

Sub.: Summer Internship in Marketing.

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am an II-year MBA (Marketing) student in (Name of the Institution). I am writing to apply for a summer Marketing Intern position in your esteemed organization.

The Marketing Intern position interests me as an opportunity to contribute my marketing savvy and love for connecting with clients while learning about the business side of it.

I have volunteered for marketing activities for my college/university, for which I have been appreciated by the authorities on several occasions. My marketing knowledge and efforts helped in attracting a higher audience at least by 10-15% in a few college events and concerts.

I have been taking courses in research and statistics, which have further helped in building my strengths in data collection and analysis.

Your organization is well-known in the ________ industry. I strongly believe that working for your organization as an intern would help me in developing my marketing and critical management skills.

I would highly appreciate an opportunity to be interviewed for the position. I am enclosing herewith my resume for your perusal.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

(Name of the Student)

Enclosure: Resume.

Sample Cover Letter for Summer Internship in Marketing