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Bank Reference Letter (Letter of Good Standing from Bank)

A bank's reference letter is a document issued by a bank confirming certain information about its customer viz. name, address, type of account, years of relationship, credibility, account balance, signature, etc.

letter of good standing from bank template
If you want a bank reference letter for submission to any organization for some purposes, then you can formally request your bank to provide you with such a letter.

Here is an example of such a bank reference letter or a letter of good standing from the bank. Modify it appropriately as suitable in your case.

(Print it on the letterhead of the bank official.)


This letter is to confirm that (Name of the Customer) of (Address) is a customer in good standing of our bank i.e. (Name of the Bank). (Name of the Customer) has been a client of this bank for the past __ years. As per our records, his/her date of birth is __________. He/She has been maintaining a Savings/Current account bearing number ________.

He/She has operated the account satisfactorily. During the period of our relationship, loans were approved to him/her and the repayment history is satisfactory. His/Hers signature appearing at the bottom of this letter is the same as the signature we have on the records of this bank.

Should you require additional information, please do not hesitate to contact the undersigned.


Signature: _____________.
Name of the Bank Officer: _____________.
Title of the Bank Officer: ________.
Branch Code: ____. Employee Code: ____.
Phone Number: ___________.

Dated ________.                                Signature: ____________.
Place: ________.                                Name of the Customer: _____________.

Letter of Good Standing from Bank