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Final Settlement & Recovery Letter to Absconding Employee

Absconding Employee means an employee who is absent from work for a long period of time without taking any permission, and who neither show cause behind his absence nor apologize nor commit himself to be back at work by a certain date.

termination letter to absconding employee
If any employee is absconding from work, then the employer generally sends him a warning notice initially once or twice, and then sends him a termination letter or final settlement letter. If any dues is to be recovered from him, then he will be asked to pay for it.

Here is a sample of a full and final settlement-and-recovery letter to an absconding employee.


Ref: ________
Date: _______

(Name of the Employee)
Employee Code: _______
(Communication Address)
(Phone Number)

Sub.: Final settlement notice with regard to your absconding from work.

Mr./Ms. _______,

Please refer to our warning letter vide ref no. _________ dated ________, wherein we had given you notice on your absence from duty for a long time without obtaining written permission, and had given you an opportunity of being heard and explain yourself on the matter.

Your absconding from work inappropriately has resulted in damages for the company. You have not resumed your duties yet, nor have you responded to our notice. Hence, your services were terminated from the company i.e. _________ Limited w.e.f. (Date) due to the breach of your employment terms.

As per the terms of your employment appointment letter, you had failed to serve ___ months' notice period before separation. Hence, you are required to pay a sum equivalent to your salary with respect to the notice period.

Kindly note that you have to pay (Amount in Figures) (Amount in Words) to the company towards full and final settlement. Please arrange to pay the amount immediately to complete your relieving formalities.

Payment needs to be made by a cheque in favour of “_________________” payable at (Location). You can send the cheque to our office at (Address).

In case, we do not receive the payment from you by the end of the working hours of (Date), we will proceed with further legal procedures on this matter against you.


(Name of the Officer)
(Name of the Organization)


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