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Electric Pole Shifting/Relocation Request Application Letter

There may be an electrical pole in front of your house, which is bothering you and your family members while passing from the front gate of your house or otherwise.

request letter for electric pole relocation
If you want to get it shifted to another location, then you have to write a formal application to the concerned electricity board to shift the pole. They will make a survey on the matter. You may have to pay a certain amount towards shifting charges.

Here is an example of a request letter to the electricity board to shift an electrical pole in front of your house.


Date: _________

The Chief Engineer
___________ Electricity Board
(Office Address)

Sub.: Application for relocation of an electric pole.

Respected Sir/Madam,

I have a grievance regarding the electric pole in front of my house for which I seek your kind support for an immediate resolution.

Name of the Applicant: ____________.
Address: ____________. Mobile: _________.

There is an electrical pole in front of the main gate of my house. It is obstructing the passage of our family members throughout the day when we go out or come into the house. Hence, it has become a very disturbing element in our life.

Therefore, I request your goodself to have the electric pole relocated to another suitable location. My family members and I shall be grateful to you for your kind help.

Thanking you,


(Name of the Applicant)

Electric Pole Shifting/Relocation Request Application Letter


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