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Acceptance Letter for an Internship Offer from a Company

A student may make applications along with resumes to various organizations and industries for internship training as maybe required under her academic / professional course.

what to say when accepting an internship offer
If she is selected, then the organization will send her an offer letter for joining. She would be required to acknowledge the same, and respond to them with an acceptance letter if she is interested to join.

Here is a sample of such an acceptance letter for an internship offer from the company. Modify it as necessary in your case.


(Name of the Student)
Mob. _________
Email: ___________

(Name of the Company)
(Office Address)
Tel. _________

Reg.: Acceptance of offer for internship.

Dear Sir/Madam,

Thank you for the offer of internship in your esteemed company. I am truly grateful to you for offering me this.

I accept the offer, and look forward to working in the ______ Department of (Name of the Company). As discussed over phone, and as mentioned in the offer letter, I agree to receive an allowance of (Amount) per month. I will join on (Date). I will report to duty to (Name of the Supervisor), (Designation). My internship period will be for ___ months.

I am enclosing herewith the documents as required with regard to my joining as an intern for your records.

Once again, I thank you for giving me this opportunity.


(Name of the Student)

Enclosure: As above.

Acceptance Letter for an Internship Offer from a Company