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Authority Letter Format for Leave and License Agreement

An organization cannot sign for itself since it is not a living individual. Hence, any one or more of its employees, or directors, or officers can be authorized to sign any documents on behalf of the organization.

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While registering a leave and license agreement where a company is one of the parties, an authorization letter along with a certified true copy of the board resolution will be asked for by the government official at the Sub-registrar's office to verify the validity of the authorization.

Here is a sample of such an authorization letter for executing leave and license agreement. Please modify it as may be necessary in your case.


To Whom It May Concern,

We, the undersigned, having necessary power and authority, hereby authorize Mr./Ms. ____________, son/daughter of ______________, whose signature is attested hereunder, having an Aadhar number ________, who is working as a (Designation), to sign, execute and admit the execution of leave and license agreement and to appear before the Sub-Registrar, (Location), on behalf of (Name of the Company), for the registration of the leave and license agreement for the property described as "___________________________".

    Signature: ___________.
    Name: Mr./Ms. ____________.
    Title: ___________.

We further authorize him/her to do all such acts, deeds, things and matters as may be necessary to complete the aforementioned registration of the leave and license agreement in the manner required by the prescribed law.

    (Signature)                        (Signature)
(Name of the Director)    (Name of the Director)
(Designation)                   (Designation)

(Name of the Company)
CIN: ____________
Regd. Office: ____________

Dated ________
Place: ________